Here is a manual arrangement of posts in this blog, by category. Within some categories, I have prioritized items I consider especially noteworthy. In case I haven’t updated these categories to include the most recent posts, you can also view the full list below.

Definition, Ethics, and Purpose of Social Work

Genuine Social Work as a Meta-Profession
Genuine Social Work: Definition, Mission, and Purpose
Knowing Where You Stand: Neoliberal and Other Foundations for Social Work
Critique of the Received Definition of Social Work
Using O*NET Labor Force Data to Define the Social Work Profession
The Poverty Pimps’ Poem
Summary of My Article: NASW Code of Ethics, Part I
Summary of My Article: NASW Code of Ethics, Part II

ASWB Licensing Exams

Abuses and Mysteries at ASWB
How ASWB Develops Its Licensing Exam Questions
A Look at Two ASWB Exam Sample Questions
High-Stakes Testing and ASWB Licensing Exams
Studying for ASWB’s Masters Exam: Overview
Discovering ASWB Licensing Exam Pass Rates, by State and School
How to Prepare for the LCSW Exam

Social Work Licensing Generally

What Can You Call Yourself: Social Worker? Therapist?
The LMSW, the LCSW, and the Cayman Islands Approach
What Is a License to Practice Social Work?
Introduction to Social Work Licensing
After Social Work Education: Licensure and Other Credentials

The Nature & Future of Social Work Education

A Therapy Session with ChatGPT
Prospects for Clinical Social Work Education
A Year at the University of Michigan SSW
The Study of Employment and Apprenticeship in SSWs
Critical Thinking in Social Work
Impediments to MSW Student Satisfaction
Inservice Training in Unemployment for SW Faculty
A Debate with a Social Work Professor
My Last Social Work Course
In Commemoration of My MSW: U. of Michigan SSW Items for Sale
Speculation: Our Robots Will Teach Us How to Be Human (from my Ideas blog)
Doctoral education generally and in social work specifically

Diversity & Political Correctness

White Privilege and Fragility: Appreciating Lauren Michele Jackson
Faux Diversity-Mindedness and Social Work Racism in Practice
An Example of Racist Research
Real and Faux Diversity-Mindedness
The Muddle of “Hate Speech”
Diversity Among the United States
Diversity Q & A in an MSW Application
Notes on the Calculation of Poverty
Rose’s Story: Get the Facts Straight

Choosing Among Schools of Social Work

MSW Admission Rates Update: CSWE Summary 2010
Comparing MSW and PhD Admission Rates
Ranking SSWs
U.S. News Ranking of MSW Programs
Costs of an MSW
Interdisciplinary Social Work PhD Programs
Learning from SSW Websites

Social Worker Employment

Social Worker Unemployment and the U.S. News 100 Best Jobs
A Summary of the SW Forum
Stressful Jobs That Pay Badly: Social Work
Where Are the Social Workers?
How Many Social Workers Are There?

Social Work Professional Journals

An Author’s Encounter with the Social Service Review
A Critic’s Encounters with Two Journals of Social Work Education
An Author’s Encounter with the Journal of Social Work Education
Reviewing the Reviewers at the Journal of Social Work Education
An Author’s Encounter with the British Journal of Social Work

SW & Other Fields

Play: I’ve Discovered SW Is in Bulgaria
Social Entrepreneurship: The Best and Brightest
An Idea for Generating Business-Related MSW Internship Opportunities


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